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A Motley Collection of Social Misfits

Katie Phelan-Chostner

Executive Vice President
Sales/Service Ninja Grandmaster

Office: (253) 292-6775 x727

Stephanie Pollak-Roice

Finance/Inventory Master

Office: (253) 292-6775 x3

Andy Nelson

Sales/Service Ginja Ninja

Mobile: (206) 915-1896

Gavin Smith

Sales/Service Ninja

Mobile: (206) 670-0781

Ken Schaff

Sales/Service Ninja

Email: kschaff@​1upfloors.​com
Mobile: (206) 915-0022

Mike Walsh

Sales/Service Ninja

Mobile: (206) 484-3809

Alonna Bailey

Service Samurai Master

Office: (253) 292-6775 x 1

Brittany Hall

Service Samurai Super

Office: (253) 292-6775 x1

Grace Anderson

Service Samurai

Office: (253) 292-6775 x1

Theo Wilkerson

Service Samurai

Office: (253) 292-6775 x 1

Cody Cearley

Finance/Inventory Specialist

Office: (253) 292-6775 x3

Jordan Moyer

Installations Master

Matt Roice

Field Support Specialist

Chris Rodriguez

Warehouse Operations Master

Office: (253) 292-6775 x 717

Esther Anderson

Warehouse Operations Trooper

Ryan Marchel



1UPer Class Types:

Service Ninja- A clandestine force of elite field account managers, who’s mission is to maintain a keen awareness of all things floors at each of the properties in their purview. As well as problem-solve for clients in the field at both a macro and micro level.

Service Samurai- “Samurai”, a Japanese word which translated into English means, “to serve”. The Samurai are a stationary customer service force who’s mission is to act as an information hub between the customer and all relevant 1UP departments. Their life’s purpose is to distill information to it’s essence and provide our customers with a profound level of service, every day.

Numbers Wizard- Harnessing the arcane might of spreadsheets and the ten-key, Number Wizards keep the financial aspects of 1UP running smoothly. AP, AR, combating ancient evils and billing discrepancies – a Number Wizard’s job is never done.

Operations Trooper- There’s a lot that goes into making floors actually happen, and these are the ones who get it all done, right. Shipping, receiving, inventory management, installation quality management, job staging for our elite subcontractors. It’s all courtesy of our Operations team.

1UP Rank Structure:

Just to be a 1UPer you must already embody our values (Honesty, Integrity, Selflessness, Self-Discipline, Personal Accountability), plus seek to make everything better than how you found it. Now try to imagine the kind of person it takes to stand out and lead that crowd…

Super- A 1UPer that consistently exceeds expectations, embodies our values and shows strong leadership potential while holding themselves and other team members accountable to be their best.

Master- Responsible for the results of a particular department and it’s 1UP‘ers actions. Keeps one eye on the day to day and another on the “big picture”. A Master anticipates challenges, leads by example and keeps their team performing their very best.

Grandmaster- Seeks to grow the organization’s leadership base through example, empowerment, and accountability. With a big picture mindset, the Grandmaster ensures the team is pointed in the correct direction, then get’s out of their way so that they can do their thing.