1UP Floors Carpet

The two factors that determine a carpet’s lifespan are it’s basic construction and treatment by the people living on it. Customers will all too often focus their buying decisions on fiber type alone. Remember, you can make good and bad carpet out of any fiber.  It’s how the carpet is constructed that should be the base logic of your decision. We offer a wide range of product categories and choose the very best version of each category as the product we will sell to our customers. All 1UP carpet replacements come standard with a True 6lb 3/8″ padding installed underneath. There are all sorts of different pad builds out there and we think this build is perfect for both Multi-Family performance and price point. Anything less, might as well be nothing at all. Sending your old carpet to a landfill is cheaper than disposing of it responsibly. At 1UP, we do what’s right, not what’s easy. So if any carpet we remove from your buildings can be recycled, it will be…at our expense, not yours.

(Disclaimer: Products may not look the same on your monitor as they do in reality. Think twice before picking without first seeing a sample)