Our Story

1UP Floors is a company founded on a strict set of principles and ideals, and our purpose is to change what people expect from a multi-family floor vendor.

The Status Quo: Incompetence, corner cutting, bait and switch, useless warranties, dishonest product marketing, poor installation, and even worse service.

We see a lot wrong with how floors get done in property management and have created the antidote, all for your floor purchasing pleasure. Our team is comprised of only those flooring professionals who share our purpose, principles, and ideals. We know our sh**. We speak the truth. We do what is difficult, but good. We own our mistakes, then make them right. We are transparent, even when the news isn’t flattering. We put others before self, and our principles before our profit.

The multi-family industry is in need of a floor company they can actually trust, and 1UPs’ gonna give it to them.

Our Promise

1UP is changing what you expect from a flooring company. We find the best flooring products out there – stuff that’s built right, marketed honestly and designed to last. We make ordering easy, installation reliable, recycling a religion, and billing surprise free. Our “Make It Right” warranty lasts for three years and actually helps make customers/residents whole after we’ve made a mistake. Bottom line, we make the Multi-Family Floor business the way it is meant to be…fast, priced fair, done right, and honest.