Customer Truth

I wanted to take a moment to write about how 1Up Flooring has been a top vendor for me to use for all flooring needs within the past few years.

1Up has been a pleasure to work with at all of my properties. In the apartment industry, I always find it very hard to work with a vendor and trust the quality of product that they are selling, as well as craftsmanship in work that I am getting. There are so many vendors contacting us to gain business without really understanding what product they are selling and why it would be a good fit for each property while keeping numbers within budget. I have been pleasantly surprised with the vast knowledge of all products that 1Up uses, as well as the service that they continue to provide to my site teams. They are always asking for feedback, always responding to any wants/needs immediately, and addressing all issues before they arise. They always offer great insight to newer products, and do not push for the most expensive option, but offer the best product to each individual site while understanding and appreciating what budget restrictions we have.

The 1Up team is always asking for feedback on how to help them cater to our needs in the fastest and most appropriate way. They provide great events for the residents at our communities as a “thank you” to us for using them, and always go over and beyond to make our jobs easier.

Thank you to the 1Up group for being such an outstanding and reliable company to work with, we look forward to many years of business together!

Laura Bach | Regional Property Manager WA/OR/ID | AMC

1Up is freaking AMAZING in more ways than one! It’s a pleasure working with 1Up since they opened up shop. 1Up cares more than I have EVER seen a vendor care. They not only care for the site team, they care for the residents, resident’s guests, and anyone who steps foot on one of our properties. 1Up always ensures the work is done right, if it isn’t they fix it no matter what!! (It’s rare that it isn’t done right the first time.) If a mistake is made 1Up makes it their priority to fix it, and exhaust all efforts to ensure the work is done correctly, and all inconveniences are compensated. Things do happen, but 1Up takes on the responsibility of the problem, and lets you focus on other problems your site might be having. I always feel like I am their only customer every time I need something. I don’t have to wait in line as if I am at the DOL, and I am just a number. 1Up response time is incredible, no waiting around several hours, or days for a call back. When 1Up sponsors an event whether it be a manager/maintenance meeting or a resident event they go above and beyond to handle all the preparations, clean up, and everything in between. 1Up ensures everyone is takin care of. Our residents are always overjoyed by the customer service 1Up gives while doing one of our resident events.

Kenneth Baff is the brains behind the operation and can be trusted 100%. You won’t find better service from the mastermind himself, or his team. I’m a firm believer it starts from the top. 1Up always gives you the best product options, and makes sure you don’t buy a product that will fail before the life of the product. Kenneth instructs you on how not to make bad flooring decisions, and gives you a list of pros and cons to each application if needed. For example don’t install vinyl plank on bad subfloors unless you want to pay double the price for repairs that have a high chance of failing over time. My clients love Kenneth because they trust he is looking out for their assets which he is at all times. He personally meets with my clients and puts on instructional demos of product selections. No other vendor has that kind of trust. Kenneth always goes out of his way to make you look good in front of your clients.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t drop your current vendor, and give 1up floors a try. Unless of course you don’t want to save money, and get treated with true respect and compassion.

Once you go 1Up Floor you don’t go back!

Nate Tester | Regional Maintenance Director | AMC