Customer Truth

Thanks for such great service with the installation of the flooring on our various types of projects! You have been wonderfully responsive to the needs we have had for flooring for our apartment project as well as for commercial flooring for our office and retail spaces. Your prices have always been more than fair, very competitive and your installation very well done. Your installers are top notch and your customer service related to getting the units measured and the products ordered has always very timely and just what we needed.

We appreciate that you always go the extra mile educating us about the best products to use and that you always have access to whatever we need. We think that you are the best flooring company around and have enjoyed dealing with Madison, Kenneth, Ryan, and the other members of staff.

We hope to continue to work with 1Up Floors for a long time to come.

Richard Kemp | Principal | Seattle Property Management Associates, LLC

I have been working with 1Up Floors for a year or so now and have nothing but positive feedback for them! Their customer service has been top-notch! Always taking care of what we need, speaking clearly and to the point. No messing around. We had one incident, that wasn't their fault so much and they were willing to take care of it anyway. A door was removed for installation, and set outside the unit. The wind knocked the door over and dented it. The installers called and reported it before I had the chance to see it and customer service was on the other line calling me wanting to pay for repairs. Much appreciated! I always use them and would recommend them to everyone! Thanks for listening!

Courtney Henderson | University View Apartments