Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Flooring Installations

Ever get a chill down your spine thinking about flooring installations?

We’ve got some “boo-tiful” news! Not only do we handle the heavy lifting, but we also leave behind a comprehensive prep guide for your residents. This ensures a smooth and unspooky experience for everyone involved..

Stress-free installations? That’s the treat we’re handing out!

Your Best Ally in Resident Satisfaction

We get it—explaining the ins and outs of flooring installations isn’t really in your job description.. That’s where we step in. We leave behind a clear, easy-to-understand guide that you can share with your residents, saving you time and effort. 🙌

Why Timely Communication Matters

Need the job done at a specific time? Our guide prompts residents to reach out and share their needs—another detail you don’t have to worry about. We include tips for effective communication between all parties to ensure a seamless process.

The Kitchen Chronicles

The kitchen is often the most complex room to navigate during an installation. Our guide includes specific tips for the kitchen area, which residents can easily follow, reducing the chances of any hiccups during the process.

We like to think our partnership with you goes beyond floors. Our leave-behind guide ensures you never have to be the “bad guy,” and that your residents are well-informed and prepared.

It’s a win-win that makes flooring installations as smooth as they should be.

Download the 1UP installation prep guide for your residents.

Spooked by Your Old Floors? Share Your Story!

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